Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (“Code”) outlines the values and manner in which the members of the Illinois Competitive Energy Association (“ICEA” or “Association”) must follow in conducting their business activities. The Code is intended to complement any internal principles and practices of each individual company and to guide companies as they provide service to customers. Compliance with the Code allows companies to assure their customers, legislators, regulators, the public and other market participants that their business activities are, and will continue to be, conducted with the utmost integrity. In addition, assurance is given that unlawful and unethical practices are not tolerated and that companies will abide by these ethical standards as a member of the Association.

Clear, consistent and well-constructed market rules also are necessary. Without good rules, the strongest commitment to ethical standards will not result in the market efficiencies needed to provide maximum benefit to consumers. Each company adopting this Code commits to work with regulators, policy makers and other market participants to develop such rules and standards that will provide ongoing value to consumers.

The Members of the Illinois Competitive Energy Association (“ICEA”) will:

  • Conduct their business in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, tariffs and rules, and in good faith, and with a commitment to honest dealing;
  • Not engage in unfair, deceptive, misleading or fraudulent behavior, including misrepresenting rates, prices, or level of customer savings;
  • Use reasonable efforts to provide accurate and timely information to customers, upon request, or with a link to a website at which information can be obtained, in response to all customer inquiries;
  • Honor the terms and conditions of their contracts;
  • Engage only in transactions with legitimate business purposes;
  • Not collude with other market participants to affect the price or supply of power, allocate territories, customers or products, or otherwise unlawfully restrain competition;
  • Maintain documentation on all transactions for an appropriate period of time as required under applicable laws and regulations;
  • Ensure prompt and fair investigations of all customer inquiries and complaints concerning a competitive supplier’s service and/or marketing practices; and
  • Cooperate fully with the Illinois Commerce Commission and other appropriate agencies regarding all matters related to the provision of competitive electric and natural gas service.