Competitive Energy Suppliers Provide Supply Choice Options, Customized Prices, and Value-Added Products in Illinois’ Retail Energy Markets

The Illinois Competitive Energy Association (ICEA) represents the State’s leading alternative retail electric supplier (ARES) and alternative gas supplier (AGS) companies that provide energy supply service to residential, business, and governmental customers as a competitive alternative to utility supply service.  Headquartered in Springfield, ICEA’s mission is to advance retail competition, customer choice, and competitive retail energy issues in the electric and natural gas markets before the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Illinois Legislature and among stakeholders, policymakers, and the media.

ICEA member companies provide not only commodity supply service, but also offer value-added products, energy management services, various contract term lengths, and customized pricing.

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Nearly 1.78 million Residential/Small Business and 228,000 Commercial/Industrial Customers have Chosen ARES Service Instead of Electric Utility Supply Service

Of the nearly 1.78 million ComEd (1.15 million) and Ameren (628,000) residential and small business customers that buy their electric supply service from an ARES, approximately 844,000 households and small businesses are served through individual supply contracts and about 933,000 residential and small business customers located in 524 communities statewide are served through locally decided municipal, township, or county government aggregation programs.  Almost all commercial and industrial business customers buy their electric supply service from an ARES.  Statewide, 88% of all commercial and industrial electric usage is ARES-provided.

The electric utility delivers electricity to all customers and is responsible for electricity wires, poles, and outage restoration regardless of the customer’s supplier choice.

Over 325,000 Residential, 53,000 Small Business and 32,000 Large Business Customers have Chosen AGS Service Instead of Gas Utility Supply Service

More than 281,000 Nicor, 82,000 Peoples Gas, and 15,000 North Shore residential and business customers have chosen an AGS as their natural gas supply provider. Gas choice options provided by an AGS are not available to residential and small business customers in the Ameren service area at this time.  Overall, 50% of all natural gas usage is AGS-provided.

The gas utility delivers gas to all customers and is responsible for its delivery service regardless of the customer’s supplier choice.